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Science Fiction author Jay Lake (who is terminally ill) has posted an commentary that has odd relevance

Earlier today I was trying to decide between two vacation trips for next year. The much more expensive one includes time in Iceland, a place I have always wanted to see.

It feels like the universe is trying to tell me something.

Old Blog and New

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The frozen archive of my old blog is at

I'm occasionally getting the urge to blog these days, and since I don't want to support a blosxom site again (my ISP got cranky and I have other things to do with my non-work programming time) and I am paying for this blog space anyway, I'll try using this for a while.

If it gets annoying, I'll try something else...

The blog title will be refreshed once I think of something better to name it: with the old blog (Teleidoscope) dead, the current title here (Teleidoscope mirror) loses relevance.

New Blog site

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Thanks to an upheaval at my ISP, my primary blog has moved to a cleaner address:

I hope to have the syndication to LiveJournal working again shortly.

Hello and link to my main blog

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My main blog is Teleidoscope, it has been linked to a LJ syndicated account, with the link on my Friends page. It can be reached directly at <a href=">Teleidoscope</a>. I am trying to get the feed set up, but I don't think it is working yet. So the link here is probably more usable.

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